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A Big BFC Launch

The launch of BFC Retail Group's official website comes after a decade long expansion of their first franchise brand, The Crêpe Café, throughout Australasia and the Middle East.

As their newest franchise chain sister brand, Flying Pan, enters the American and Asian markets, their latest achievement is celebrated by the launching of their new website, signaling the growing success of this internationally collaborated brand.

Based in Florida as he oversees the final details for the grand opening of Flying Pan in Puerto Rico, director Laurent J. Corgnet said entering the U.S market is a milestone for the Group.

 “There was an untouched niche of people who wanted more from their dining experience. Flying Pan offers customers the opportunity to experience a traditional delicacy enjoyed for centuries in a friendly café atmosphere.” Said Corgnet.

The success of The Crêpe Café in the Middle East is evident as BFC Retail Group prepares to open their fourth store in Saudi Arabia; it will be the 12th for the region and the first of 8 new openings planned for 2011.

Franchisee Mohammed Al-Arfaj, will open next month the first store of The Crêpe Café in Dhahran Mall, Al Khobar, in the Eastern Province.

The Crêpe Café has been tailored to suit the taste of The Middle East, with a set menu for each restaurant and a contemporary feel. Flying Pan embraces its international feel with warm hues and modern accents with a flexible, diverse menu.

“Both brands offer healthier dining options. People are accustomed to variety; adding soups, salads, sides and an extensive drink menu seemed only natural. Flying Pan offers food and drinks to satisfy the whole family, any time of the day.

“The crêpe is a traditional delicacy with a myriad of ways to be eaten. Friends of Flying Pan will enjoy a diverse mix of new and traditional flavors served in a unique and guaranteed tasty way.” Said Corgnet.

As BFC Retail Group continues to grow, the crêpe cuisine offered at FLYING PAN café & crêpes and The Crêpe Café are rivaling for first place. Keep an eye out for the flying pan, where you can enjoy a fusion of new and traditional flavors.