A Business Plus

Competitive pricing with low food cost and low food wastage

Ingredients are prepared daily as needed, and our products are cooked to order, there is very little wastage and food costs are extremely low. We have specifically researched ideal quantities to simultaneously respond adequately to our customers’ needs and minimize the food cost for the operator. If our guidelines are respected, it is a win-win situation for everyone. In the end, we strive to have as low a food cost as possible since we realize its critical impact on profit margins and franchisees’ satisfaction. This enables us to maintain very competitive pricing and to position ourselves within the fast casual segment.   

Easy training and operation

Making crêpes is not a difficult process once the person has been properly trained. Everyone can make crêpes but the training makes a crucial difference in terms of quality of finished products, efficiency and good running of operations. Finally, the best part about making crêpes is that it is fun!

Limited daily preparation time

Compared to others food operations, there is minimal preparation requirements, and cooking time is a maximum 4 minutes for the crêpe, waffle or pancake. With the flexibility of offering half service or full service operation a well-trained standard operation on a busy period can run smoothly with limited staff. Generally, customers are required to order and pay at the counter before seating.

Each unit can be managed on its own independently without a central Kitchen


A versatile concept welcomed by landlords as our concept’s uniqueness adds value to an area’s tenant mix

Our concept is exportable and adaptable in a wide range of locations and situations. This is enhanced by the fact that, in most territories, we will not need expensive exhaust systems to operate our hot plates.

Limited to no direct competition

There are very few recognized names in the crêpe industry. The majority of the competition does not put crêpes at the centre of their concepts. Currently, there is no genuine French inspired crêpes company with a franchisable system in place and a worldwide reach.

Easily adaptable to small and large footprints (Street Café, kiosk, and Mobile)

We promote two main business positions:

  1. A Full Café concept, 1,800 to 3,000 sqf (170 to 280 sqm),  usually located in streets or corner positions in malls or inside / outside location and
  2. A Large Kiosk concept, no less than 400 sqf (37 sqm), if possible with a private area of 35 seats or more, usually located in shopping mall intersections.


In some circumstances, these two main types can be complemented by smaller kiosks or mobile units (for catering purposes) which are always linked to a bigger outlet. A van / truck based mobile concept is also in development.