The Crêpe Café

The Crêpe Café evolved from an upper fast food concept in Australia to an elegant and upscale fast casual café crêperie* concept in the Middle East.

Our crêpes are made fresh to order through an entertaining, interactive process in full view of the customers, making The Crêpe Café as enjoyable as an experience as it is a welcoming café. Filled with a variety of sweet and savory ingredients from fresh vegetables to meat and dairy, they can be eaten hot or cold during any time of the day. The crêpe is a great meal or snack enjoyed for breakfast lunch or dinner, as a dine-in, take-out or on the go option.

The Crêpe Café is tailored to suit its customers needs based on culture and geographic preferences. Focusing on more familiar flavors based on its location, The Crêpe Café has a strong following of people who enjoy everyday flavors with a twist, as it’s cooked atop and folded into the unique and tasty crêpe. The eye catching color scheme of yellow and black is recognized internationally as a place where delicious meals and visual enjoyment come together for a unique dining experience.

*Crêperie is the traditional French café in which a variety of crêpes are served.

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