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A Delicate Cuisine, the Crêpe

The delightful French crêpe bridges the missing link in contemporary dining, satisfying the niche for healthier restaurant alternatives with light sauces and fresh tasty fillings. The crêpe is the creation of both the wafer-thin pancake and the ingredients found within. As versatile as it is historic, the crêpe takes no more than four minutes to cook, its fillings entirely up to you. It can be served as a fresh savory meal or appetizer once filled with vegetable, poultry and seafood, seasoned with herbs and dusted with cheese, they also become an entrée or a main course. Fill them with seasonal fruits, ice cream, or sauces such as chocolate or honey, and they become sumptuous desserts.

Creating a batch of butter-browned crêpes is a rewarding experience in itself, to have them on hand creates a dining emporium. Swiftly filled as one pleases, it is the perfect replacement for on the go meals and snacks. Breakfast fruit salad can be chopped fine and served as a delicacy inside a straight off-the-pan crêpe dusted in cinnamon for a delicious light meal.

For last minute drop ins or parties, the crêpe is perfect for a social activity to enjoy the versatility of the crêpe together, experimenting with everyone’s favorite dishes. A treat for the kids filled with nutella, banana and topped with ice cream, the crêpe is an alternative to heavier and more routine bases. Perfect for lunch, the crêpe can be filled with cold and hot ingredients, like Italian sausage, ketchup, capsicum and cheese.

A star when it comes to versatility, the crêpe filling can be complex, sophisticated or a simple delight. Herbed butter, diced chilies, or crumbled feta are minute throw togethers or for sweeter mouthfuls; stewed fruits, melted chocolate or a combination of the two are topped off with lemon zest, sugar or jam. Eaten around the clock, breakfast, brunch, elegant lunch snacks, dinner, entrées or desserts, crêpes bring pleasure to any occasion.