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Flying Pan reaches Brazil

Flying Pan is head over heels, or as we like to think, ‘pan over pancake’, for Alexis de Font-Réaulx and Grégory Jacques-Aumérégie as they continue their Flying Pan journey preparing to open their first shop in São Paulo, Brazil in the coming months.

Alexis and Grégory joined the Flying Pan group as master franchisees for Brazil last April, both have extensive experience in business and a passion for the diversity Flying Pan offers. Alexis has a MBA from University of Virginia and has had great success in innovative business with a passion for strategy and management. He joins Flying Pan with businessman Grégory who has a masters in finance, political history and science. Grégory has experience in human resources and change management and has worked with strategy, development and operations for ‘Carrefour’ in Brazil.

Both born and raised in France, Alexis divides his time between his native country and Brazil while Gregory is permanently established in São Paulo with his family. They have a passion for unique cuisine and innovative ideas with promising business opportunities. Their goal to open 20-30 shops over the next 10 years is underway with their flagship shop in São Paulo, as they prepare Flying Pan to cater for the fine tastes of Brazil.

They are anticipating the quick, quirky and delicious flavors of Flying Pan will fit into its new neighborhood with a bang. Located in South São Paulo in business and family friendly Moema, only a five minute walk from popular Ibirapuera Avenue, and near one of the largest parks in São Paulo; Ibirapuera park.

The two-storey building features an indoor and outdoor dining area accommodating families, groups and individuals seeking a cozy corner to unwind.

The grand opening of Flying Pan in São Paulo is planned for later this year. Organizing the opening is already underway with a fabulous menu, customer rewards and activities scheduled for this special event.

Starting in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro over the next 4 years, this success team plans to expand the Flying Pan brand throughout the South East; starting with Brasília, Curitiba and Bello Horizonte, before venturing to the North East and Central Brazil.

Congratulations and good luck to Alexis and Grégory!