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Great to have you onboard Sarah

BFC Retail Group is welcoming Sarah Feldman to the Flying Pan team as a Training Supervisor after recognizing her passion and flair for crêpes whilst working with The Crêpe Café in Australia.

With 10 years experience in the food and beverage industry, and one successful year with The Crêpe Café as a crêpe maker, Sarah will be continuing her journey with Flying Pan as a Training Supervisor for the brand.

Sarah will be working closely with Operations Support Manager John Schmitt, on all Flying Pan future openings to ensure staff are ready to twist, turn and flip for a perfect crêpe every time.

Working with such a fun and quirky product has its perks, as Sarah shares her experience with us about her crêpe history. “Some of the best friendships I have made are with people I have worked with and met whilst working with crêpes.” 

We look forward to hearing about Sarah’s success as she works as an integral member of the Flying Pan group.