The Crêpe Café was started by French Australian entrepreneurs in 2001. The pioneer restaurant in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia was embraced as a fun, fresh and unique way of dining. As it spread throughout Australia it then expanded into the Middle East in 2007 where it is still continuing to grow today. Spanning two continents, The Crêpe Café is brought to life based on cultural and geographical preferences.

In 2008, the rapid growth experienced in the Middle East led to the creation of BFC Retail Group whose goals are to create its own portfolio of fast casual brands with an international focus and develop a consulting expertise to assist other concepts in their own international expansion.

In 2010, BFC Retail Group designed a new brand ‘Flying Pan’ to further develop its original concept and bring it to new horizons. Flying Pan is currently expanding in North America, the Caribbean, Brazil and South Korea.

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