Flying Pan and The Crêpe Café are the two brands owned by BFC Retail Group. These two brands embody the same vision of a fast casual café crêperie* concept but brought to life in two different iterations based on cultural and geographical preferences.

Both The Crêpe Café and Flying Pan offer a unique dining experience. Their fundamental values to always offer fresh, healthier café style dining, is what drives these two brands. However, each brand offers its own unique twist. Flying Pan is more focused on the international qualities of the crêpe and embraces this through its decor and menu. With a nod to the French for making this cuisine a favourite, Flying Pan and The Crêpe Café also take a look at the diversity of this delicacy from Thai to Aussie and Canadian, the crêpes are as tasty as they are diverse. The outlets’ friendly café atmosphere is ideal for groups and singles, with a diverse menu to suit all hunger needs, big or small!

*Crêperie is the traditional French café in which a variety of crêpes are served.