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Regional KSA Franchisees’ Conference

Our 3 area developers of The Crêpe Café in Saudi Arabia and their teams joined BFC Retail Group for a conference in the Kingdom of Bahrain in February 2012 to set out the road map to strengthen the development of our brand in the fastest growing market of the Arabic Gulf.

The recent and ongoing growth of Saudi Arabia is prompting the area developers and BFC to consolidate their strength and resources to better tackle today’s challenges. A quality logistics chain, high consistency and efficient supply management are key factors for the success of any franchise system. This conference strived to promote a better understanding of these critical elements and present important improvements developed by the master franchisee for the Middle East, Eastern Retail Services and BFC Retail Group’s American R&D division. This was the occasion for BFC to layout for implementation significant new crêpe recipes and beverage improvements in the pipeline since mid 2011.  It has been BFC’s goal to re-focus on becoming a high quality provider of espresso based drinks, teas and other gourmet drinks, alongside its signature savory & sweet crêpes and standard café fare (omelettes, waffles, pancakes, salads). During the conference, major supply improvements for the area developers were introduced and provided the foundations for a centralized and consolidated supply chain in Saudi Arabia.

After the success of the February 2012 Bahrain conference, BFC Retail Group seeks to organize similar gatherings at a regional level to promote interaction and communication between area developers, franchisees and the franchisor’s team. 

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