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Shared passion for coffees & teas

BFC Retail Group has been working closely with Mark Herriott, owner of the Columbia Street Roastery in Champaign, Illinois, USA to develop our desired blend of coffees and create a wide range of freshly brewed teas.

Our journey together began in early 2007 when Mark caught the eye of our US market study team with his passion for excellent coffees & teas and his commitment to work directly with quality growers. We have been collaborating with Mark and his team of coffee & tea aficionados for more than 5 years to create, with great enthusiasm, the perfect coffee blends for our expanding concepts, The Crêpe Café and Flying Pan. We endeavor to be at the forefront of the beverage industry, anticipating trends and developing the best quality beverage recipes possible for our customers.

Mark, a former water and arboriculture lobbyist for the Water Quality Association in the USA started his roastery in the mid 90s and shares his love for coffees & teas by bringing us his wealth of knowledge and skills. Mark has become a de facto member of the BFC Retail Group’s family of consultants.

Mark, thank you for your help over the years and welcome to the Family!

Mark's photo